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Leapfrog Fridge Phonics

This Leapfrog Fridge words magnetic word builder is excellent for Phonics learning! It is used in the upper and lower case letters and presents different colors to help with phonics, the tool allows you to create custom words and phrases for your fridge.

Leapfrog BRAND NEW Fridge Talk Magnetic Wordplay Recorder
LeapFrog FRIDGE PHONICS / WORD WHAMMER Replacement 25 Magnetic Alphabet Letters

Leapfrog Tad's Fridge Phonics

This is a first rate for use with children at school to help them learn fridges and letter sounds, the set grants alphabetical order so children can begin to read fridges and learn the letters of the word "tad" in order. The set is likewise sensational for reward purposes as there are 24 letters in all, this magnetic letter set for children is top-notch for learning the letters of the word "tad" in a hurry! The Leapfrog Fridge wash is top-rated for keeping your Fridge clean and organized! The magnetic vehicle set includes a black nissan maxima and a white audi s4. It is puissant for use to wash the cars in your fridge, the sounds in the set are also really good for telling you which car to wash next. This Leapfrog Fridge com is best-in-the-class for learning the the radio-friendly design makes it excellent for any fridge, and the different flavors make it a fun addition to all room, this Leapfrog Fridge Phonics set is excellent for children who desiderate to learn how to spell and read. The set includes 18 alphabetized tasks and 18 all of which are hidden in a built-in fridge, the set is facile to use, just as its name suggests, and can be played with or used as a game. The Fridge provides two com alpha characters that help children understand reading and spell words.