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Igloo Mini Fridge

The Igloo Mini Fridge is a best-in-class local pick-up only alternative for chicago, this small, but well-maintained Fridge is top for keeping your groceries cold all winter. The Mini Fridge is a top-of-the-heap alternative for enthusiasts who desire the Igloo brand.

Igloo Mini Fridge With Freezer

This Igloo Mini Fridge is a peerless addition to your kitchen, this Fridge comes with a freezer and a small capacity for your everyday food. The black design is prime for any kitchen style, the 4 liter capacity is splendid for small families or the larger families who like to take the time to prepare more food than is needed, the Fridge also has a safety feature that keeps food from going into the freezer too long, so you can keep your kitchen clean and your kitchen clean. This Mini Fridge is a beneficial addition to your retro Igloo home, this Fridge is only 6" thick so it will fit most people's stomachs comfortably. It is fabricated of sturdy plastic and provides a blue undertone to it, it is further airtight which makes it first-rate for keeping food in while you enjoy your favorite drinks. The Igloo Mini retro 6 can Fridge is an unequaled substitute to keep your Fridge operational and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fridge, this small, all-in-one fridge/ freezer effortless to operate with its own keyless start and the Fridge extends an 6-cans capacity and can handle most food types using the included saucepans and ovens. The freezer also includes an 12-can capacity for use with the oven and ovens, or with the saucepans and ovens for an easily set up with no president or cropping, the Fridge also includes an automatic freezer, so you can keep food cold for hours on end. The Igloo Mini retro 6 can Fridge is a first-rate way for the home cook who wants the convenience of a small fridge, but the privacy of an 6-can fridge, the Igloo retro Fridge is an unrivaled substitute to keep you sent in a stylish and functional design. This Fridge comes with a red retro Mini beverage fridges holding 6 cans, making it an unequaled alternative for heated up or cold drinks, the Fridge also features home ac, making it outstanding for the cold winter days.