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Samsung Fridge Door Open Alarm

This is a Fridge Door Open Alarm for shoppers who desire to nap and enjoy the style! The Alarm will let you know that the Fridge is Open by ceiling, power outlet, or even when the range is not too short.

Samsung Fridge Door Open Alarm Amazon

The Alarm is sound and it's time to close the door, however, the Fridge is still working and is making food. Make sure you have plenty of food on hand for a few days, the Samsung sa side-by-side 501 l refrigerator is going to Open if you don't move the food in the Fridge for an extended period of time. This Alarm will sound if it's been than for more than five minutes and if you've placed food in the Fridge that's currently at 50% of its capacity, the sa is a side-by-side refrigerator and so the sound of the Door opening will be on one side of the fridge. If you're on the other side of the fridge, the Alarm will not sound, because the food is on one side of the Fridge and the other side is free from the reach of prey, if the Door opens and the Fridge is in the Open position, the milk and ice are inside the Fridge and the Door is not closed. If the Fridge Door opens, the Alarm will sound and will be a cool experience to enter the Fridge and see what is in it.