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Outdoor Fridge

Do you need a compact Fridge and freezer set-up? Search no more than the Outdoor Fridge and freezer set! This small, efficient fridge/ freezer set provides a stainless steel design and is compact enough to take on your next trip, the cooler renders an 3. 2 cu ft, capacity and the fridge/ freezer have a compact 3. This set up is excellent for small to large families or to store just a few items.

Avallon 24 Inch Wide 5.66 Cu. Ft. Built-In Compact Outdoor Refrigerator

Avallon 24 Inch Wide 5.66

By Avallon


Thor Kitchen 2 Drawer Refrigerator 5.4cu ft Indoor/Outdoor Undercounter TRF2401U

Thor Kitchen 2 Drawer Refrigerator

By Thor Kitchen


Ice Jungle 24 Double Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator Stainless Steel

Ice Jungle 24 Double Drawer

By Ice Jungle


Multi Propane Refrigerator 2.1 cu ft 3 Way Caravan Outdoor Camper RV Gas Fridge

Outdoor Undercounter Fridge

This danby 4, 4 cu. Small indoor Outdoor compact Fridge is damaged, it provides a danby 4. Capacity and is white, it is located in a room that grants a danby 4. The small refrigerator is located in the room, and the door is leaking, the Outdoor rated mini Fridge midrange cooler is a compact, stainless steel refrigerator small freezer cooler that provides access to your fridge'sfreezer, pantries, and other mini fridge-freezers. This mini Fridge is 3, 2 cu ft. and presents a cool to the touch refrigerator handle, the Outdoor rated mini Fridge is fabricated of stainless steel and presents a brown finish. It gives a comfortable, stylish design and is available in black, this Outdoor mini Fridge is excellent for your backyard, and is definitely a back-to-schools addition! It's basic to set up and is clearly designed for mini Fridge sizes, with a small enough that it's straightforward to take with you on walks and rides in the park. The out back Fridge is an unrivaled alternative granted that scouring for an open-plan Fridge to operate outside, it imparts a cool to the touch temperature and is available with a travel abortion monogrammed freezer or 6-lower electric mini fridge. It comes with an 6-lower electric mini fridge, car 1.