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Mini Fridge Wrap

Mini Fridge wraps are peerless to change the look of your fridge! They can also help to keep your Fridge searching its best - with sunshine.

Mini Fridge Decals

Our Mini Fridge decals are unequaled for your home! We choose to adopt the most accurate and consistent design we could find because we know that you're our decals will help show your Fridge in a substitute that doesn't are repetitive or seen Mini Fridge stickers to make your look new, perfect for the Fridge or cupboards. Perfect for when you're short on space for goods of all sizes, clear Mini Fridge stickers make it look like you have the whole on display. If you're scouring for an affordable and versatile Mini fridge, then we've got your back, the sunex 32 Mini Fridge is just that. This Fridge is only three months old and gives been reliable and efficient in the climate of your home, with a sun-based cooling system and a white extra-large Wrap system, the Mini Fridge will look peerless and feel unequaled in your home. Whether you're using it for storage or cold-lining, this Fridge will do just fine, this Mini Fridge sticker is enticing for your next party! With its bright champagne blue and blue blueberry colour, it will make a first-rate addition to your kitchen's exterior. The Mini Fridge sticker can also be attached to a brown or tan fridge, making it a best-in-class addition for any kitchen.