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Mini Fridge Glass Door

This Mini Fridge is a cool factor that outdoes the cost, this small Fridge is a best-in-class deal for your groceries and some beer. The Door pulls out to reveal a cool, cool drink, the Fridge also includes a terrific feature for wine - a so-called "comment" feature which allows you to add a single wine from your phone or tablet to your groceries. The Fridge Glass Door 115 can drink cooler allows you to drink your wine in a clear, health-friendly way.

Glass Door Fridge

This modern Fridge and Door Fridge are top-of-the-line for your drink com or kitchen, the 120 can Mini beverage refrigerator soda drink cooler is exquisite for keeping your drinks cold or in the fridge. The sleek and modern design is exquisite for any kitchen, the Fridge also features a cooler for your groceries or food. This is a miniature Fridge that extends a lit led lighted Door that is portable and adjustable to suit any area, the Fridge can be customized with a cool or sour taste, making it a splendid alternative for a small kitchen. This stylish and functional Fridge is best-in-the-class for your kitchen, the reversible Glass Door makes it uncomplicated to fill and clean, and the can top makes it an uncomplicated place to work. The Fridge comes with a can cooler, a full pail of cold water, and an 10-inch cutting board, this Fridge is a first-class substitute for people who crave a quick and facile substitute to get beer and wine without having to go to the store. The Mini beer bottles are bpa free and the wine is an on sale, this Fridge also grants a can opener and dishwasher detergent for making cleaning easier.