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Lg Fridge Capacitor

The Lg Fridge Capacitor is a must-have for any Lg fridge! It protects the Fridge from power outages and helps to keep the Fridge at a consistent temperature, the Capacitor also increases power requirements for the fridge, which is splendid if you need to power the thing on-the-go.

New Genuine OEM LG Refrigerator Capacitor 0CZZJB2014G

Top 10 Lg Fridge Capacitor

This is a Fridge Capacitor that is from lg, it is an 02 refrigerator run capacitor. It is fabricated of materials such as plastic and metal, the Capacitor is designed to help prevent accidents and failures in the fridge. This is a brief description of the Lg Fridge capacitor: the Lg Fridge Capacitor is a quality essential for any power-up refrigerator, it helps to keep Fridge temperature stable and ensures enough juice to keep the machine running. This is a new genuine oem Lg refrigerator Capacitor condenser coil it is brand new and offers the type protection, it is likewise a top-grade temperature range for refrigerator, from the coldest to the hottest. The is compatible with both the Lg refrigerator brand and any brand that renders a refrigerator that meets the size and temperature range of the Lg refrigerator, this Capacitor is a rogers type sanyo type or type 3 capacitor. It is a small, white, type 3 run-capacitor, it renders a capacity of 0. 9 volts and an energy rating of 2, 5 volts.