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Lego Fridge

This cool Fridge add-on offers the Lego logo on one side and the two stars of christmas on the other, it's a top-notch addition to each home decor.

Lego Mini Fridge

This Lego - Fridge w milk juice refrigerator freezer minifigure kitchen sausage drum is a fun addition to your kitchen, heaver-than-average body with a slimmed-up design, this minifigure is unequaled for adding a few more cups of coffee or a few more to the table. The main body of the Fridge gives several compartments to store your groceries, and the top-mounted sink gives you free range to top up the fridge's storage, this Lego - Fridge w milk juice refrigerator freezer minifigure is basic to control with his own two hands, and can be used for both grocery shopping and cooking. He's also "off" when he's done cooking or grocery shopping, this toy garage is a first-class addition to your home kitchen. The small, but feature full-sized Lego city mini figures for each wall are sensational surrogate to keep your tasks easier and faster, the Fridge imparts a top freezer and top cupboard for all your food needs, and the kitchen this Lego Fridge stand is best-in-the-class for your home's ice cream shop! You can add an 2 x minifigure popsicle cone to the refrigerator, and enjoy your ice cream while your novel reading in the sunny room. The shop stand also features a graphics card and is available in a green or black finish, this new Lego Fridge stand is a must-have for any Lego fridge! It's sensational for displaying your refrigerated items in style! The stand is produced out of 24 com gray and imparts two magnetized 4" bricks for a sensational look. It's top for a small or kitchen.