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Ice Cube Tray For Dorm Fridge

Our Ice Cube Tray is a stackable, mini fridge-grade Tray that unequaled For keeping your drinks cold while you sleep, it's a first-class solution For individuals with mini refrigerators, and makes For easy, quick fridge-to-freezer sets. Our Tray also comes in an 2 pack with other mini fridge- grade Ice cubes, so you can have every little bit of that cold Fridge experience you need.

Mini Fridge Ice Tray

These trays are first-rate For keeping your Fridge Ice cold, in your Dorm room, the sleek and stylish design will make your life much easier. The Ice trays are made of heavy-duty plastic and have first-class designs that will make your Dorm room look modern and elegant, this mini Fridge Ice Cube Tray is top-of-the-line For keeping Ice cubes in your mini Fridge while you're not in bed. It's stackable For quick access to your Ice cubes without taking up a lot of space on your fridge, the Tray also provides a built-in freezer that the Ice off your cubes and leave them next to the cold food to process them. This camco stackable miniature Ice Cube Tray For mini fridges is a top-rated alternative to keep your Fridge Ice cold, the Tray is small enough to suit in a Dorm fridge, and it comes with a marine diet bowl and a small bowl For adding ice. The Ice Cube Tray works first-rate in a Dorm fridge, and it's a sensational alternative to keep your home cold, this Tray is first-class For use in or out of the fridge. The camco stackable miniature Ice Cube Tray For mini fridges is a first rate addition to Dorm fridge.