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Fridge Locker

The Fridge Locker is a splendid surrogate to keep your favorite games and disks in one place! With this lock, you can protect your games from the and water damage, while still being able to store your games in the Fridge for hours on end.

Fridge Box

This Fridge box will hold you mascots 2 x3 instyle, these boxes are made of heavy duty plastic and have a magnetic closure. They are top alternative to keep your mascots insure and organized, looking for a stylish and functional Fridge or don't look anywhere than this 2 x3 Fridge or it's an excellent substitute to store and display your valuable soul goods, and it's just an add-on to counter- farrell's. This Fridge Locker is for the kiss band! It is a beneficial way for you to keep your food and drinks cold all day long, the com will hold all of your food and drinks, making them stay in one place. This Fridge lock box is a first rate addition to your game room! It is manufactured from argentum plastic and renders a few small pockets to store your games and items, it is additionally made to be very secure, with a com system that prevents it from coming off the wall or coming off your neck. Overall, mars attacks "ack!" 2" x 3" Fridge / Locker is a top-of-the-line tool for keeping your games and items safe and secure.