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Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set

Our Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set is splendid for folks who adore to buy things, this Set includes a chick, pig, horse, and cow. It is sure to get because they will be able to imagine buying things in the background, plus, it helps with tagline: "can't live without things? This Set will help you shop without having to worry.

Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set Amazon

This leap frog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set is a complete Set of three Magnetic animals for your fridge, the sheep cow pig horse duck duck is sterling for when you're want to add some excitement to your Fridge and make it less of a lone oasis. The other two animals are first-class for a different part of the Fridge and make it more of a family zone, this is a Magnetic Animal Set that you'll love! It's a good condition and sprouts a this is a top-notch Set of Magnetic word building for the Fridge farm. It includes 38 Farm animals in different tribes and races, from which you can create custom stories with related words and phrases, the Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set is puissant for learning about farming or for working with the computer from the comfort of your own home. The leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set is top-of-the-heap for learning about animals! This Set includes four animals - a pig, a cat, a dog and a bird - and will tell you all about each one as you watch, the magnets make it facile to pick the right Animal and the included books help you learn about animals in a way that is interactive and engaging.