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Fridge Cool Fan

The caravan Fridge cooling Fan kit is an effortless to suit Fan that fits within lt fridge, this Fan comes with a cooling Fan pedal and become associated with your Fridge making it effortless to Cool your food. The Fan can also be used as a backup Fan if there is a power outage.

2 RV Boat Refrigerator Cooling Fans +ON/OFF Thermostat Wiring Hardware FAST Ship

2 RV Boat Refrigerator Cooling



2 DOMETIC NORCOLD add on cooling Fans + Thermostat, Wiring, SMFK2C, ships TODAY!


By NORCOLD DOMETIC, fits all RV Fridges


NEW Fridge Cool Vent Fan PBT-GF30-FR(17) Black RV Refrigerator Fan

NEW Fridge Cool Vent Fan

By Fridge Cool


Caravan Fridge Cooling Fan Kit suits up to 186lt 3Way fridge - easy to fit !
Caravan Fridge 12v Cooling Fan Kit 140mm x 3 fans for Dometic / Thetford Vents
Titan 12 Volt Rack Fan Kit for RV Refrigerators w/ Dual 140mm Fans + Controller

Titan 12 Volt Rack Fan

By Titan


Best Fridge Cool Fan

This caravan Fridge Cool Fan kit 140 mm x 3 fans for dometic it vents is designed to Fan out the cold during the summer months, the fans will blow air up to 100% in the lower parts of the Fridge where it can help keep things warm. The dometic rv camper refrigerator cooling Fan is an unrivaled surrogate to keep your refrigerator cold, the Fan uses compressed air to cooled refrigerated items, making it top-notch for the colder months. The 120 mm thermostat allows you to set the Fan to a comfortable temperature, this is a Fridge Cool air Fan up to 12" of air per second and is fueled by the air itself to turn on when you or anyone else opens the door. With its switch caravan motorhome rv camping home camper type you can have as little or no noise as possible inside or outside your vehicle, this is a terrific Fan that can be attached to a wall or against a wall to provide air conditioning or a little bit of Cool air to your fridge. The Fan comes with a mount that makes it basic to attach to your wall, and the vent fans are automatic on this fan, the blue light is for power on, the red light is for power off. This Fan as well have a built in filter to keep the air clean, and it as well have a timer so you can set the Fan to run for a set time, or for a specific time.