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Fridge Compressor

The Fridge Compressor is designed to handle 14 hp of refrigerant power, it delivers 60 hz hz of 120 v to your Fridge or cold room temperature. The r-134 a refrigerant provides ample power to Compressor while the gc77-1 thermostatic Compressor ensures consistent performance with or without refrigerant.

RCO410 3 in 1 Start Relay Refrigerator Compressor Hard Start Capacitor Universal

RCO410 3 in 1 Start

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Replace Fridge Compressor

If you're scouring for a genuine lg Compressor for your fridge, then you've come to the right place, this generator is new in the box, and will make your Fridge feel like it presents air in it again. The Compressor on Fridge is very important for two reasons - firstly it needs to have a high performance to keep food from moving around and secondly it needs to be able to reduce the power used to runn the fridge, this is because the Compressor can help to reduce the weight and size of the Fridge which makes it easier to move. If you're digging for a Compressor of a better quality, we've got you covered - with our selection of frigidaire Compressor options you can find what works best for your fridge, this mini Fridge Compressor is a first-class tool for your kenmore refrigerator set assembly. The Compressor powers up and starts the air in the refrigerator within minutes, so you can get your groceries delivered to the kitchen quickly, the mini Fridge Compressor is conjointly water resistant, making it unrivaled for use on hard-to-reach places. This whirlpool Fridge Compressor is an 8-ha good quality, black, refrigerator, Compressor vey 8 h it comes with a witness.