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Fallout 4 Mini Fridge

The cola Mini Fridge is a practical surrogate to make your fall out box.

Nuka Cola Fridge

The cola Fridge is an unique piece of game content that is exclusive to the game, it is a Mini Fridge that contains a range of Fallout 4 products. You can only find this Fridge supposing that a think geek player, this Fridge is furthermore the only place where you can find the cola janitor's supply. The Fallout 4 cola Mini Fridge think geek exclusive can keep you warm and cold with its short dwell time and cute design, it is top-grade for your family or office need of trade supplies. This cola Fridge is a top-of-the-line addition to your Fallout 4 environment, it is small but it offers enough storage to accommodate all of your delicious cola drinks. The Fridge also offers a small oven to cook up some delicious cola cookies, this Mini Fridge is a top-grade addition to your Fallout 4 assets and can hold just about everything. It is fabricated of plastic and imparts a small Fridge inside that can hold just a bit over 2 cups of water, the microwave is built in and can easily be turned on and off depending on the mood you are in.