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Emerson Wine Fridge

The Emerson Wine Fridge is a practical way to house your wine, it's 8-pack of refrigerator cellar and fridge-model together to create a complete Wine experience. The Fridge can handle a range of Wine styles, from to burgundy, making it a valuable alternative for the more serious Wine lover or the for the light-hearted Wine lover, the refrigeration system degrees fahrenheit temperature to keep Wine cold for up to two weeks.

Emerson Wine Fridge Walmart

The Emerson Wine Fridge is a peerless way to keep your Wine on point or just bring on the Wine lovers in your life, this Fridge extends an 8-bottle Wine cooler way that makes bringing your Wine a breeze. The the glass door ensures that your Wine stays warm and ensure an uncomplicated time finding your wine, this Fridge provides a thermal glass door that will keep your Wine warm or cold. It is produced from durable materials that will never tarnish or wear out, the Fridge also grants a front and backlit screen for uncomplicated viewing. This Fridge is designed for Wine and beer geek's everywhere, it imparts an 8-bottle cooler capacity and is manufactured of heavy-gauge aluminum. The Fridge also features a built-in freezer and a front door that can be opened for entry of food, the Fridge presents a built-in clock and an off-board clock. The cellar is produced of the Emerson 8 bottle Wine storage is an outstanding substitute to store your wine, it extends a sleek design and a sleek black color. The Wine Fridge grants a small form factor and is underteamed with a minimum of assembly, this presents an automatical export to your smart phone. The Wine Fridge also provides an automatic doors open and closed, the Wine Fridge has a washer and a dryer. You can also add your own Wine if you have it, the Wine Fridge has a blower to help you get the Wine to the dryer. The Wine Fridge also has a front and back led light, the Wine Fridge has a top speed of 10 ounces per minute.